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Reviewed in the United States on March 10, 2017
This series catches you ( Maybe by the 1st, or 3rd eps.) and like a great book that you just can't put down, it has you longing to see what happens next!! It's not an " edge of your seat super thriller" , it's emotional , thought provoking , takes you inside the criminal minds not just their world. It's has the good , the bad & the in between & then adds in the ones your never quite sure of. It has heart, but not so much that it's silly or sappy. It has depth, but everyone can enjoy it, meaning some will " get" certain scenes, meanings, & others won't yet both will still enjoy it . It's exciting , it makes you think, laugh, love some characters & hate others( while some you can't figure out if you like or hate them!) . Each eps kept me wanting more & I was excited to see the next. Not many series like that now. This is one that I would make sure I was always home on time to watch when it aired, instead of recording it & watching it when I could!! Remember those series?? When you would be pissed if you missed 10 min of the episode let alone missed it & had to watch it later!! Yeah, this is like that. It's not a fast paced-guns blazing- car chases in every scene . It's better. It has feeling & it makes you feel things for the charecters, you connect to them, see sides of yourself in some, maybe see parts of your life in the story. It's believable , not far fetched never happen crap. Yet it's not dull, there are twists & turns, guns, murder, betrayal , hurt, love , all going on often in scenes that look to be like an everyday nice family , & that's REAL.
This had me after the 2nd eps. , it took a bit to really grab me but once it did, I was hooked! I was so upset when I watched the last episode and had no more, left hanging , WITH QUESTIONS, & another Twist!!! Now I wait with baited breath for the new season to come on!!!! It's def a BINGE worthy series!
I think this will catch on & become a very well know series. Great actors, well liked & they play their roles greatly, leaving you believing they ARE these people & not who you've seen them play before.
One of the greatest things I found on my new Amazon stick! I have KODI as well & have many choice. This is something to watch!
Hope I help someone to take a chance & watch this show. I truly believe you will be happy you did~
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