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Reviewed in the United States on February 8, 2020
I was surprised that it was as watchable as it was. Given that Shia LeBouf had been being a total, off-the-rails, raving, DeNiro-level lunatic the last time I heard anything of him. I am glad he had some healing experiences in his (extremely expensive, I am sure) rehab experience. I am sorry he had some rough times with his dad when he was a kid, but don't we all, really? I feel like he is still trying, in a way, to excuse his spoiled, atrocious behavior because _______. Fill in the blank. Another poor little rich kid. Boo-hoo. Also, I might have actually rated this effort higher if I weren't so sick of Amazon jiggering the ratings with the "oh so obvious" one line 5-star ratings. I am really looking forward to the alternative to Amazon, which I am sure some genius entrepreneur is even now working on.
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