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Frequently asked questions

What is Shop with Points at Amazon.com?

Shop with Points allows you to redeem your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card rewards points at Amazon.com. You can use points to pay for an order at Amazon.com in the same way that you would use any other payment method.

How do I use Points to pay for an order?

If you want to use your rewards points to pay for part or all of your purchase, choose your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card as your payment method. You can choose the amount of available points you wish to redeem. Once you've selected your payment method and applied points towards your purchase, select Continue. The points that are applied to your order will be deducted from your order total and displayed as rewards points in the Order Summary. If points are not applying to your order, click Change under Payment Method to use your available points.

Are there any products I can't buy using Shop with Points?

With Shop with Points, you can buy millions of products at Amazon.com. Please note, however, that you can't redeem points for certain purchases at Amazon.com, including Amazon Kindle downloads, digital music, Amazon video titles, Amazon Appstore apps, AmazonFresh items, Subscribe and Save items, Magazine subscriptions, Pre-order items, Textbook rentals, AmazonAllowance and Reload your balance (Gift Cards). Please also note that currently you may not use One-Click to purchase products using Shop with Points.

Can I still redeem points for cash back, gift cards and travel?

Yes, you can also redeem points for cash back, gift cards, and travel. Visit chase.com/amazon to learn more.

Where can I learn more about redeeming my rewards?

See your Rewards Program Agreement for further redemption information.

Rewards Program Agreement


Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cardmembers are automatically enrolled into the program. If you have not added your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card to your Amazon.com account simply add your card here and you will be automatically enrolled.

I am an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cardmember and I do not want to be enrolled in Shop with Points. What do I do?

Please contact Chase and ask to remove Shop with Points from your account. Once you unenroll from the program, you will no longer be able to see your points balance and redeem your points directly at Amazon.com. You will still be able to see your points or redeem your rewards online through Chase.com. When you unenroll, you will remove Shop with Points for all customers on the card account.

Why can I no longer see my available points at check out?

To ensure you are still enrolled in Shop with Points, go to the "Your Account" page and click "Shop with Points." You can see any enrolled Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card accounts and corresponding point balances. If you do not see your card enrolled, simply add your card here. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards are auto-enrolled in Shop with Points within 24 hours of adding your card to wallet.


I have enough rewards points to pay for my order. Why do I have to specify the credit or charge card linked to my rewards program account in my order?

Orders you pay for by redeeming points must also include the Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card associated with the rewards account. The card will only be charged in the event you choose an action that increases the cost of your order above your total reward points balance, such as upgrading your shipping.

I don't have enough rewards points to pay for my order. How can I pay for the rest of my order?

You may use your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card or use Amazon.com gift cards or Amazon Payments Stored Value to pay for the rest of your order.

May I use promotional coupons for my Shop with Points purchases?

Yes, you may apply any eligible promotional coupons to orders you pay for with rewards points.

Can I use points toward my Amazon.com purchase over the phone?

No. You can only use points towards online Amazon.com purchases.

Can I combine points from multiple reward programs to pay for my order?

We cannot currently aggregate the rewards you've earned from multiple reward programs. You may register multiple rewards programs at Amazon.com; however, rewards purchases will be paired with the card associated with the rewards program. Rewards may also be combined with Amazon.com Gift Cards and Amazon payments stored value.

I have an Amazon.com Gift Card or stored value available in my Amazon.com account. How can I use this when I make a Shop with Points purchase?

Amazon.com applies the rewards points you want to use (and that your rewards provider has approved), then the Amazon.com Gift Card or stored value amount by default at checkout, but that can be changed prior to completing your order if desired. Any remaining balance will be charged to your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card.

I want to apply rewards points, but I'm not sure how to do it. What do I do?

If your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is selected as your payment option, any available points will be defaulted as your first form of payment. Click "Change" in the payment method box at checkout to make any adjustments. When you apply rewards points to your order total, you'll see them before you place your order. If you don’t see rewards points, click “Change” in the Payment Method box and specify the amount of available rewards points you would like to apply towards your purchase.

Is there a fee for using my points for my Amazon.com purchase?

No. There is no fee for using your points at Amazon.com.

Rules for redeeming your rewards points at Amazon.com

You can use your points for all or part of a payment for the purchase of eligible items at Amazon.com. If you don’t have enough points to pay for a purchase at Amazon.com, you can pay the additional cost with an Amazon.com Gift Card, an Amazon Payments, Inc. payments account, or your card account. We may deduct the number of points that you use for your Amazon.com purchase from your points balance when you place your order or when your order has shipped, as long as your card account is open. Your points balance may not reflect pending transactions. For orders that remain unfulfilled for 30 days, your points will automatically be credited back to your card account. For valid returns or cancellations, your points will be credited back to your card account. If points were used for a completed purchase at Amazon.com, you may contact Amazon to cancel your purchase or make any other changes. Returns and refunds are subject to Amazon’s policies.